Sansetsukon - Okinawan Kobudo, 3-sectional staff

One of our yudansha at the Arizona hombu karate dojo in Mesa Arizona, arrived with a ‘san-setsu-kon’ (translates as ‘three-segmented-bo’) in hand, asking about its use and wanted to know if we would learn this weapon sometime in the future. This particular student is very dedicated to martial arts and periodically shows up to class with uncommon weapons. Not so long ago, he arrived at the dojo with odachi in hand – a samurai sword that is as long as most people are tall.
You will find little information about sansetsukon on the Internet even though a few books have been written by Chinese martial artists on the subject. I warn people to be careful of purchasing martial arts books: most have little value and 90% are poorly written and not worth reading, but then there are a handful of martial arts books that are good and even employed editors.
A sansetsukon is a Chinese martial arts weapon adapted by Okinawan karate-ka (karate practitioners) in their kobudo education. In Chinese, sans…